Scope of Collections & Collections Policies


The Amerind Foundation’s 21,000 piece collection includes a cross-section of Native American ethnographic objects from the Western Hemisphere dating to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The object collection includes materials from Amerind Foundation archaeological projects. The collection also contains the archival resources from Amerind archaeological projects. The Amerind holds a collection of fine art from both Euro-American and Native American artists. A synopsis of the collection can be downloaded here.


The Collections Policy outlines the Amerind’s acquisition and use policies. This policy may be of interest to scholars seeking to utilize Amerind collections, institutions seeking to borrow Amerind objects, or for individuals seeking to donate to the collection. You can download Amerind's Collections Policy here.

The Amerind makes loans to other museums and institutions that will use Amerind objects or documentary resources for exhibitions or research. The Amerind’s out going loan policy can be downloaded here.

The Amerind may grant permission to use Amerind documentary images and object images for research or publication. Our photographic reproduction permission form with the Amerind’s permission conditions can be downloaded here.

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