Amerind's Texas Canyon 10k Trail Run
April 2, 2016

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Amerind Cooking Series



November 10, 2015                10 am - 2 pm

Harvest Celebration Feast


February 2, 2016                     10 am - 2 pm

Preserving and Pickling


April 9, 2016                            10 am - 2 pm

Traditional Armenian Cooking



Each class is $100 per person.


For further class details please visit our events page at


To register contact Chef Debbie at 520-586-3666


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10 AM TO 4 PM

(Free with Museum Admission)

Oralia is famous for her unique patterns of graduated squares and triangles.  She will be demonstrating her exceptional painting technique through out the day as well as selling her beautiful pottery.


DECEMBER 7, 2015

MEMBERS HOLIDAY TEA (registration required)

Enjoy a cup of tea, sandwiches, and dessert while listening to the music, stories, and humor of Apache musician Bo Titla.  Bo is a songwriter and balladeer whose music celebrates the Apache way of life.

12:30 pm holiday shopping specials and discounts in the Museum Store

1pm tea, sandwiches & desserts

2pm concert with Bo Titla

$25 per person.


To reserve your spot or to learn how to become an Amerind member please contact Deni Mitchell at 520-586-3666 ext. 17 or



December 11 - 13, 2015


All my workshops start with asking participants “What is your goal for this workshop?” Within the workshop each person’s goal is addressed so they achieve what they came for. There are frequent demonstrations and very positive critiques: each is a learning experience. The workshops emphasize working within 25 minutes to maintain freshness, and being able to work in public without being disturbed. No one can see whether you are doing splendidly or creating a ‘bomb.’ because you work entirely inside your ‘personal space.’ The goal is to work anywhere, with confidence, quickly.

The three-day workshop is to teach proficiency with the unique technique. In Day One, with several interactive demonstrations, students learn to use the water-soluble pen, the power of the value study, perspective in value and contrast while completing the first landscape. Then with interactive demonstration, students learn how the pen works with watercolor to provide the value scale and the skeleton of a sketch, learning also the perspective of color (second landscape). In the afternoon, using progressively more difficult photographs, (provided), students learn to edit from ‘the big picture’, and the use of focal point. Work is now timed to be completed in 25 minutes or less (This timing is stressed throughout the workshop). Scraping, and other manipulating of the paint are covered.

Day Two uses still life in the morning and addresses the peculiar properties of the pen. The afternoon is devoted to the fun of sketching people. Resource books are by Sargent, Delacroix, Carlson.

Day Three is plein air, beginning with a demonstration emphasizing editing what you see to what is important to you. This day includes a lunch critique and an end-of-day critique. After the demonstration instructor will be sketching and will rove to help each person. The three-day workshop is fast. Comments overheard: “I learned more in three days than in any five-day workshop I’ve ever taken!” “A bootcamp for artists.” ”The critiques are wonderfully positive!” “I see the world as if cataracts were removed.”

If the weather is bad, we will invent, just as you would have to change a trip. Everything will get covered, but mobility and portability are chief reasons to master the technique and materials. Goals: almost never put anything down, be totally mobile, don’t waste time cleaning up, take home a memento you could never catch in a photograph! Be spontaneous and have fun! Don’t take yourself seriously. Bring home a sketch that can stand alone or be used for a studio painting. And be fearless in public!

Side benefit: Most people concentrate so much while sketching, once they have learned the technique, they find it is a form of meditation, escape, relaxation in itself. The sketch is a bonus and a reminder of what they thought they saw. It becomes a form of personal expression led by reality. What you bring to the moment is personal: the camera never sees with that ‘personal eye’ and so can never reproduce what you thought you saw. This is why your sketches have ‘life’, and what I want my people to appreciate. It’s why we get excited to create.

As an artist, I enjoy capturing the moment. There is always a reason to paint something that catches the eye and the mind. Most of my paintings are designed to give the viewer a feeling of serenity, and of having visited the same location.

As an instructor I delight in teaching my easy, totally portable, no-clean-up technique to beginners and professionals alike. For the beginner, Pocket Sketching is an open door to art and seeing the world with a new eye. For the advanced artist, it is a totally portable system for 10 to 25 minute sketches when standing in line, hiking, in a café, on horseback, anywhere. Because there is so little equipment, this is totally liberating and effective: the artist is far more likely to work anywhere. The workshops are well organized, fast, loaded with information and habit-forming. Motto: Learn enough to play for a lifetime!

Based in Arizona, Kath Macauley has taught her Pocket Sketching workshops as well as oil and watercolor classes throughout the Southwest and the rest of the country. Starting with a biology degree, she expanded into scientific illustration and art marketing studies. Kath has studied painting under Nick Brigante, Robert Carl Cogar, Bong Wai Chen, and Robert Noel Blair. She has shown her work in one-person and group shows in the United States and Mexico.

Cost: (double occupancy, Includes lodging and meals)


Amerind Members: $650 per person                       Non-members: $750


(Without accommodations) Members: $375      Non-members: $475


Note: Supplies are provided for an additional $40 fee, or you may bring your own.


The workshop is limited to 12 people, so you are encouraged to sign up early.


Contact Deni Mitchell at 520.586.3666 ext. 17 or to register or for more information.



December 26-27, 2015



10am - 4pm


Join Sally Martinez of Martinez Indian Arts from Kayenta

Arizona for this trunk show

featuring Navajo art.


Sally is a Dine' (Navajo) woman representing various Dine'

artists.  Sally will have a wide variety of arts including pottery, baskets, weavings, folk art, and much more.



Free with Museum Admission.



January 9, 2016


Terry will be selling Historic Navajo Textiles, Historic Southwest & California Basketry, Apache Burden Baskets, and Tohono O’Odham Baskets.

There will be an 11 a.m. presentation. Free with museum admission.


January 23, 2016
Native Voices
Poetry and Prose

More information pending.



February 12 - 14, 2016




(5-day course)March 7 - 11, 2016



April 2, 2016

Texas Canyon 10k Trail Run


April 18-22, 2016

Southern Tribes Tour



May 16-20, 2016

Hopi Tour


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