An incredible basket in the main gallery!  An Amerind Treasure

Found in 1910 by a 10 year old boy in southeast Arizona, close to the Mexican border, this basket was recently donated to the Amerind by the family of local historian Mary Magoffin (1927-2007). Although we will probably never know for sure, we think this basket was made by a Chiricahua Apache. You will find the basket and the rest of the story in the main downstairs gallery of the Amerind.

We are in the process of making changes to the exhibit "Images in Time and Place" in the main gallery of the Museum. We are putting up maps and photographs to give more context to the cultural areas, and changing some of the material items on display.

The Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery


The Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery was built in the mid-1950s to house the Fulton family’s art collection. Amerind’s founders Rose Hayden Fulton and William Shirley Fulton played an important part in collecting the fine art in Amerind’s permanent collection. Today the gallery features exhibits by contemporary indigenous artists and other contemporary artists of the American West, in addition to displaying works from the permanent collection. The current exhibitions are listed below with the most recently opened listed first:



Woven Praxis: Portraits of the Salt River Basket Weavers featuring the paintings of Salt River Pima artist Dwayne Manuel.

In the Friends of Western Art Gallery: Horses and Riders, a multi-artist show of paintings and sculptures from private collections and Amerind’s permanent collection, on exhibit October 2016-May 2017.

In the Clay & Florence Lockett and Francis Chapin Foundation Galleries: Painting Native American Cultures and Traditions featuring the work of Chippewa artist Daniel Ramirez, on exhibit October 2016-May 2017.

In the Aline & John K. Goodman Gallery: Crossing between Worlds: The Navajos of Canyon de Chelly featuring photographic portraiture of Diné people, on exhibit October 2016-May 2017

In the Fulton Legacy Gallery: A historical exhibit on Ma Fulton’s FF Ranch, ongoing.  More...
From the permanent collection: The West: Land of Many Stories, a multi-artist show featuring the artists, peoples, and communities of the American West, ongoing.  More...  


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