Hand Blown Glasswork by Ramson Lomatewama



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This truly unique work by Ramson that he calls a “Spirit Being” is 7 1/2″ tall and 2″ wide. It has swirls of blue, green, and brown with a metallic glass accent blown into the glass sculpture. The colors depict the elements of life. Water and rain (blue); reds and oranges (heat and warmth); greens (plants, and life in general); earth (browns); the metallic glass represents the precious stones and minerals that we use in everyday life.

Ramson Lomatewama is an award winning Hopi Glass artist, Kachina Carver, Jeweler, Poet and Educator. His art is influenced by his life at Hopi and the way he looks at the world is a reflection of his rich cultural heritage. Ramson is from Third Mesa, Hotevilla Village.