Mission, Vision, and Values

Creating a future that values the past

At Amerind you can learn about Native American history and their contemporary lives. Here Indigenous communities share their traditional knowledge with all who visit. Academic research center, museum, art gallery, historic property, scenic destination, community gathering place. Amerind is all of this and more. Since 1937 we have been dedicated to preserving and illuminating the cultural objects and traditions of the Native Peoples of the Americas. What began as founder William Shirley Fulton’s personal passion for archaeology, grew to decades of research advancements and cross-cultural understanding. Together with our community of visitors, scholars, and Native American friends we:

Explore the Past as a window to the future.

Provide opportunities for tribal communities to share their knowledge and art.

Inspire diverse audiences.

Serve as a cultural hub for southern Arizona and beyond.

Amerind Mission

Amerind seeks to foster and promote knowledge and understanding of the Native Peoples of the Americas through research, education, conservation, and community engagement.

Amerind Vision

At Amerind, both on the ground and online, visitors will discover and scholars will advance research that showcases Indigenous voices through Amerind’s ever-growing museum collections, exhibits, art, archives, publications, and library holdings on Native Peoples, the Southwest United States, and Northern Mexico. Amerind will be a sustainable cultural institution, environmentally and financially, that roots itself in the borderlands while it extends its global reach.

Amerind Values

Scholarship ● Inclusivity ● Authenticity ● Respect ● Education

Amerind is committed to advancing knowledge about human history through original scholarship. We convene groups of researchers to discuss the latest issues in anthropology and history, and we make the Amerind collection and archives available for study and inspiration.

Amerind is dedicated to inclusivity, creating a space where the history and culture of diverse people can be appreciated by people of all abilities, ages, cultures, and economic backgrounds.

Amerind’s programs, events, tours, galleries, and exhibits are all informed by the insights of scholars and knowledgeable members of descendant communities. In exhibits and programs, Amerind draws upon educators, scholars, poets, writers, artists, and knowledgeable elders who share their authentic experiences with the public.

Respect for one another, for our world, and for all people is a cross-cultural ethic, valued by Amerind and by all Indigenous communities. Our public programs promote civil discourse. Amerind welcomes all visitors, scholars, and educators with genuine hospitality and the conviction that we all learn from one another.

Amerind values the education of people of all ages. From our programs to our exhibits to the books we publish to the items sold in the Amerind store—our purpose is to advance cross-cultural understanding of Indigenous communities and their history.