Advanced Seminars

Application Process

SAA-Amerind Advanced Seminar

The SAA-Amerind Advanced Seminar is chosen from sessions of the Society for American Archaeology annual meeting. To be considered for this competitive seminar, applicants must check the “Amerind Seminar” box when they submit their session for the annual SAA meeting. A committee of scholars reviews the submitted proposals and chooses 5-6 to attend at the annual meeting and then selects the top session. The session participants are then invited to hold the seminar at Amerind at no cost to them. The results of the SAA-Amerind seminar are peer reviewed and then published in the University of Arizona series, Amerind Studies in Anthropology.

Amerind Advanced Seminars

Amerind accepts applications for advanced seminars on a variety of anthropological and archaeological topics. Scholars wishing to organize a symposium should email the proposal to the Amerind President and CEO ([email protected]). Applications are accepted year round, but it is best to submit approximately six months to a year ahead of the seminar. The proposal should include the following.

We encourage proposals that address issues and topics of broad anthropological interest; that attempt to synthesize large and complex projects; that seek to bring together specialists from multiple disciplines to address topics of mutual concern; or that integrate the work of applied and academic scholars. Topics that relate in some way to the historical research interests and collections of the Amerind Foundation (e.g., southwestern US and northwest Mexico archaeology and anthropology, Native American studies, etc.) are encouraged, but not required.

Seminars are normally of five-days duration, but may vary depending on the number of participants. Amerind provides room, board, and meeting space for a select number of seminars. Other seminars are funded by outside sources or a combination of Amerind and outside sources. The outcome of these seminars must be a publication that scholars and the public can access through purchase or open access. The type of publication can vary from books, peer-reviewed journal articles, The SAA Archaeological Record, or other types of publications.

Please email applications and questions to President and CEO, [email protected] or call 520.586.3666.

Amerind Seminars

Housing Options

Visiting Scholars and Artists

Researchers and artists interested in accessing the collection should contact Amerind [email protected]. Housing at a nominal cost is available for scholars and artists. To apply send a proposal with the following information.

  1. CV or resume
  2. Description of the work you will accomplish while in residence
  3. Length of your stay
  4. Description of the Amerind collections and archives you plan to use (if any)
  5. Letter of support from major advisor for graduate students

Housing at a nominal cost is available for sabbaticals as well.