Curator Talks

Curator Talks

Curator talks can be scheduled for groups of 10 or more with pre-registration and scheduling four weeks prior. These curator talks are free with museum admission. Curator talks can be scheduled offsite for groups of 10 or more with pre-registration and scheduling four weeks prior depending on availability. These outreach talks cost $200.

The following presentations can be requested.

Please email [email protected] or call 520-586-3666 to register.

Southeast Arizona Deep History

Southeast Arizona deep history is some of the most important in the country. This talk presents the importance of Native American and Spanish archaeological sites from ancient Clovis times (11,000 B.C.) through the AD 1400s.  Amerind’s seminal research in southeastern Arizona is also presented.

“We ran with the hawk:” Indigenous Running and Games from Ancient Times to Today

The ancient roots and current state of traditional running and games among the Native American communities of the American Southwest and northern Mexico will be explored. The presentation will explore these traditions as they are revealed in traditional histories and in archaeological studies. Today’s traditional games are a vital tool for Indigenous educators to instill values, history, and identity in young people.

Without Borders: The Deep History of Paquimé

Amerind is noted for conducting a joint archaeological project with Mexico from 1958-1961 at the archaeological site of Paquimé in Chihuahua, Mexico. Learn about how people lived during ancient times, created unique water systems, and traded macaws and shells throughout the region.

Indigenous Arts and Communities

Our region is home to many different Indigenous communities. Learn about the arts and crafts produced by Native artists of the southwestern US and northern Mexico.

American Art Form: A Century of A:shiwi (Zuni) and Diné (Navajo) Jewelry

The talk focuses on the history, development, and art of Native American jewelry, as created by Zuni and Navajo artists. This uniquely American art form became popular nationally and globally, and brought the artistic vision of Southwestern Native people to the world.

Amerind’s History of Research

Amerind led important archaeological research projects in Arizona, New Mexico, Sonora, and Chihuahua. Learn about Amerind’s research and its contribution to understanding the people of our region.

Interwoven Traditions

Tapestries in the southwestern US  and northern Mexico have been woven for centuries. Learn about thehistory of Native American and Spanish weaving traditions with examples of blankets and rugs in the Amerind collection.