Amerind strives to be a place where all visitors have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the Museum. The Museum was built in the 1930s, and while all parts of the Museum are accessible, we are working toward making Amerind’s facilities seamlessly accessible for our guests. If you have questions regarding Amerind’s accessibility, please email the Museum at or call 520.586.3666

A designated accessible parking space is located in front of Amerind’s Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery, which will provide guests access to both the main museum and art gallery. The parking area is located in an unpaved lot. While the area is regularly maintained, uneven sections may be present.

Amerind’s main museum and art gallery buildings have ramps to access the entrances.

A wheelchair is available to guests on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests for the wheelchair may be made at the admissions desk in the main museum building.

Service dogs specially trained to assist a person with a disability are allowed in the Museum.

All exhibits on the first floor of the main museum building have ramps to access the exhibits. For our guests who use wheelchairs or are unable to climb stairs, accessibility to the second floor can be attained via a ground level outdoor entrance in the back of the building. To utilize the second floor entrance, please inform the staff member at the admissions desk during your visit. There is not a wheelchair accessible restroom in the main museum building, one is available in the Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery and in the picnic area.

The art gallery and its restroom facilities are fully wheelchair accessible with elevator access to the second floor.

The picnic area is located on an unpaved surface that may have uneven ground. Wheelchair accessible seating is not available at the Picnic Area. A wheelchair accessible restroom is available.

The Fulton Seminar House is not wheelchair accessible.