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The Amerind Library was established in 1960 as a non-circulating anthropology and archaeology reference library. Library holdings include 22,000 books in support of the museum collections, more than 600 unpublished manuscripts, the archaeological field diaries and photographs of Amerind excavations, site survey records, ongoing professional journals, and a rare book collection established by William Shirley Fulton.

The Amerind Archive is a repository for the professional papers and associated artifacts from archaeologists and artists of the southwest US and northern Mexico. Researchers with special projects, scholars, and Amerind members, volunteers, and donors may access the library and archives by appointment only at [email protected]. Wireless internet connection is provided and includes research access to JSTOR.

The Amerind library collection can be searched through its online public catalog (OPAC).

Amerind Publications and Series

Amerind Studies in Anthropology Series: University of Arizona Press

This series brings the synthetic results of advanced seminars at Amerind to a wider audience. The seminars are organized as a collaboration of Amerind with the Society for American Archaeology, the major archaeological organization in North America, bringing together scholars focusing on timely issues with the potential to contribute significantly to the field or anthropological archaeology. Other books in this series are based on seminars held at Amerind or on research conducted using Amerind’s collections.

New Directions in Sustainability and Society Series: Cambridge University Press

Published in conjunction with the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University and Amerind, the series features a program of books that focus on designing a resilient and sustainable future through a rich understanding of past and present social and ecological dynamics.

New World Studies Series, University of New Mexico Press

In the late 1980s, Amerind established the Amerind New World Studies Seminar Series to bring together scholars to discuss topical issues in New World anthropology and related subjects, and to make the subsequent results available in a new publication series.

Amerind Technical Reports: Amerind Museum

During much of the time of Amerind’s existence, it was actively engaged in archaeological excavations. Reports of these investigations were published, and although all are out of print, they can be found in libraries, including at Amerind, and through used booksellers.

Other Related Amerind Publications

Not all publications are in a series; some are popular books, research reports, journal articles, blog, magazines, or newsletters. These publications may be the result of an Amerind seminar or research on Amerind collections. If you have published on Amerind collections and archives and would like us to list your publication, please contact [email protected] with the subject line Amerind publication.

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