No Photos? Why?

Amerind's No Photography Policy

The Amerind Foundation prohibits the use of any device (cameras, cell phone cameras, video cameras, etc.) to take pictures of objects in our collections. We thank all our guests for following this policy.

  1. Artist’s Copyright. Artworks inspire us, and delight us. An artist’s creative work is their livelihood. When people make copies of artwork using their cameras, they are stealing the artist’s creative work. The artist’s creative work is also part of their estate. US Copyright Law protects an artist’s work from illegal copying. Amerind has artworks that are still under copyright. Protecting an artist’s copyright is part of a museum’s responsibility.
  2. Objects and Art Loaned from Other Museums. We have objects in our exhibits that have been loaned to us from other museums, artists, and private owners. Photography of these objects is not allowed without written permission of the lender. We need to ban photography if we are going to honor our agreements with others.
  3. Light Damage. Bright light damages many kinds of objects. Banning photography guarantees that no camera flashes will damage the objects and artworks in our care.

We hope that you understand the reasoning behind our No Photography Policy.  If you have any questions, please ask to speak with an Amerind staff member.