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Hohokam Trajectories in World Perspective

January 27 - February 1, 2004

Paul R. Fish and Suzanne K. Fish, Chairs
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Seminar Participants

  • David R. Abbott, Tucson, Arizona
  • James M. Bayman, University of Hawaii
  • Jeffrey J. Clark, Center for Desert Archaeology
  • Doug Craig, Marana, Arizona
  • David E. Doyel, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Timothy Earle, Northwestern University
  • Mark D. Elson, Desert Archaeology, Inc.
  • Gary M. Feinman, The Field Museum, Chicago
  • Paul R. Fish, University of Arizona
  • Suzanne K. Fish, University of Arizona
  • Susan D. Gillespie, University of Florida
  • George J. Gumerman, Santa Fe Institute
  • Steve Kowalewski, University of Georgia
  • Barbara Mills, University of Arizona
  • John C. Ravesloot, Gila River Indian Community
  • Glen E. Rice, Arizona State University
  • Henry D. Wallace, Center for Desert Archaeology
  • Norman Yoffee, University of Michigan

Seminar Abstract

Sponsored by the Arizona State Museum and moderated by George J. Gumerman, Amerind’s second major Hohokam symposium in fifteen years focused on the Sedentary to Classic transition and the economic, social, and ritual dimensions of late prehistoric Hohokam culture.

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