Amerind Impact


Through your generosity, Amerind accomplishes so much. Here are a few highlights from 2017 of the culturally-based learning and creative experiences that you helped us provide.

Numerous Native American artists, scholars, and leaders shared and promoted their art and knowledge though residencies, trunk shows, art gallery exhibits, festivals, and museum talks.

8,690 Visitors

8,690 visitors enjoyed the museum and fine art gallery exhibits during regular museum hours.

over 1,270
1 +

Over 1,270 community members celebrated art, culture, and Amerind through 6 very special events that brought our community together, including: Autumn Fest, Texas Canyon Trail Run, two Rolling Reels movie nights with The Loft Cinema, Holiday Members Tea, and the Night at the Amerind Museum 80th Anniversary Celebration.

More than 400
1 +

More than 400 k-12 students experienced Amerind museum learning through their visit..

12 individuals

12 scholars, artists, and experts shared their knowledge, research, and creative journeys with audiences at the museum. Four among our scholars provided learning experiences in the surrounding community through outreach events.

12 events

12 community outreach talks and events were presented by Amerind leadership, who shared their expertise and our history.

3 workshops

3 content-rich workshops offered community members in-depth learning experiences in Indigenous culture, traditions, and art.

30 chefs

30 budding chefs were immersed in cultural traditions through food in three cooking classes.

32 travelers

32 travelers journeyed with Amerind and scholarly experts to directly experience the hands-on learning of our cultural tours.

2 seminars

2 advanced research seminars were hosted by Amerind on the topics “Pueblo Movement and the Archaeology of Becoming” and also “Valuing Archaeology Beyond Archaeology”

5 publications

5  publications allowed Amerind’s reach to be global, including Rethinking the Aztec Economy published by the University of Arizona Press, and Give and Take of Sustainability: Archaeological and Anthropological  Perspectives on Tradeoffs published by Cambridge University Press.

10 individuals

10 artists and scholars spent time at Amerind in Residencies, significantly advancing their research and creative output.