Amerind Free Online Artist Talk: The Art of Shaun Beyale

Amerind Free Online Artist Talk

The Art of Shaun Beyale (Diné)

Saturday, July 1, 2023, 11:00 am – Arizona Time

Join us as we welcome artist Shaun Beyale for an online artist talk. Shaun Beyale (Diné)Navajo will discuss his art and his journey as a comic book artist, illustrator, painter, screen printer and, digital artist. From growing up in Shiprock, New Mexico on the Navajo Nation to his early interest in comics, superheroes and his passion for drawing that sparked a lifelong journey to create.  Shaun was drawn toward the genre of comic books and superheroes because it reminds him of the old traditional stories of good versus evil. Using his cultural stories as inspiration to create something new and more modern.  Creating his own Indigenous Superheroes.  Powerful Native women define Beyale’s characters, reflecting his upbringing, being surrounded by generations of strong women, inspired him.  In Navajo culture, we’re a matrilineal society, women tend to have more power and have a strong presence in our cultural stories.

Shaun has recently created Indigenous Superheroes for the Marvel Universe, a lifelong dream. He hopes that his characters and comics will be a source of education about contemporary Indigenous culture.  His motto is “empowerment thru art”.  He creates and shares his empowering art with hope to inspire future generations to find their inner “Monster Slayer” to face life’s challenges.

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