Free Online Lecture Via Zoom: Migration: A View from the Southwest with Catherine M. Cameron, PhD

Free Online Lecture Via Zoom:

Migration: A View from the Southwest with Catherine M. Cameron, PhD

Saturday, July 18, 2020, 11:00 am, Arizona time

The Southwest is full of ancient places – empty towns and villages. Where did people go and why? Perhaps because of its remarkably preserved sites, migration has been of long-standing interest to Southwestern archaeologists and others. This talk will explore the post-13th century Southwestern migrations and the variety of ways that migrants expressed their identity in their new homes. I will then move beyond the Southwest to argue that movement was frequent for people living ancient small-scale societies and that to understand movement in these early times we need new models of how and why people moved.

Dr. Catherine Cameron is a professor emerita with the University of Colorado, Boulder. An archaeological leader in the Americas, Professor Cameron has worked in Chaco Canyon, northeastern Arizona, and southeastern Utah.

This online program is free, but space is limited.
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