Introduction to Nature Journaling with Roseann Hanson

Introduction to Nature Journaling at the Texas Canyon Nature Preserve

with Instructor Roseann Hanson

Saturday, April 20, 2024

9:00 am – 3:30 pm

$75 non-members

$70 Members  (please call to register)

Day long workshop Includes:


a copy of the workbook, Nature Journaling for a Wild Life-a $35 value, free passes to

Keeping a nature journal can both deepen our connections to the natural world and help us learn more about it. Neither science education nor art training is needed—we will develop the skills of a naturalist and a field sketch-artist along the way.
This workshop will introduce the tools and processes of keeping a nature journal with instructor Roseann Hanson, author of Nature Journaling for a Wild Life, Master of Field Arts, and the Southern Arizona Nature Almanac.
We will learn how to practice “intentional curiosity” as the core of nature journaling: to ask questions, to dig deeper into science, to focus our minds both intently and intentionally. The workshop will include:
• The nuts-and-bolts of journal-keeping (paper and ink types, archival systems, how to make entries that you can refer to later, laying out pages, prompts to jump-start observations, and tips on researching science questions sparked by your observations).
• Easy tips that enable anyone to get started sketching and painting. Roseann will help free you from your inner critic and start sketching and painting. Art in a nature journal is not only lovely to see, but an important component of your skillset because the very act of drawing and painting something from life involves incredibly intense observation. Your brain is wholly occupied by only that thing you are observing and drawing—it is a kind of meditation that results in new insights, deeper understanding, and discoveries.
• A short classroom session and, weather permitting, we will spend most of the time exploring the grounds and trails around Amerind and practicing our journaling skills. (Please wear suitable footwear and outdoor clothing.)
• A copy of the workbook, Nature Journaling for a Wild Life, which includes blank journal pages — a  $35 value. All you need is a pen or pencil and your curiosity about nature.
About the instructor: Roseann Hanson is a naturalist, artist, and explorer who has been keeping science-based nature and field notes journals for 40 years. She is one of the organizers of the Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference, and is the author of the popular books Nature Journaling for a Wild Life, and Master of Field Arts. She studied journalism and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, and has worked in the American Southwest, Mexico, and East Africa as a conservationist, naturalist, and writer. She has authored a dozen natural history and outdoor books, including the Southern Arizona Nature Almanac with her husband Jonathan Hanson, and San Pedro River: A Discovery Guide, both of which include her nature journal data and art. She was the coordinator for the trans-disciplinary Art & Science Program at the 115-year-old Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill, part of the University of Arizona College of Science. She teaches nature writing, nature journaling, and field notes for biologists. She was named a Fellow of both the Explorers Club in the U.S. and the Royal Geographical Society for her conservation and expedition work. You can find her on social media at  or  and on the Hansons’ website:
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Texas Canyon Nature Preserve Trail System Grand Opening

Saturday, October 7, 2023

9:00am – 4:00pm

Discover Amerind’s Nature Preserve! Join us for a celebration of Amerind’s newest attraction-the Texas Canyon Nature Preserve Trails.  With 8 miles of new self-guided walking trails, you can experience the iconic and captivating landscape of Texas Canyon as never before.

Trail System Grand Opening & Amerind Museum Open House

9:00am Ribbon cutting & Opening remarks at the Amerind  main picnic area

10:00am, 11:30am, 1:00pm- Expert talks highlighting Texas Canyon’s natural resources including ethnobotany, birds, and plant life with Jesus Garcia (Mission Gardens), Jefford Francisco (Tohono O’odham Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Office), and Dr. Lyn Loveless (Botany professor emerita College of Wooster)

Guided tours of the Amerind Museum with Associate Curator Dr. Maria M. Martinez

Tours of the Amerind founders’ home with Fulton family great-grandson Willie Adams

Tractor-pulled scenic wagon rides with Amerind staff

Grab a bite

All Day Explore the new trails!

Botanical Walking Tour at Amerind with Dr. Lyn Loveless



Botanical Walking Tour at Amerind with Dr. Lyn Loveless

Saturday, September 10, 2022, 8:30 am

This two-hour walk, some of it off the road and trail, will give us a glimpse of some of the botanical wonders that the Amerind holds. Depending on how much rain we have had, we should see some lovely patches of flowers and will get a sense of how many native species actually can be found in just a short ramble. Participants should be prepared to walk one-two miles over uneven ground at a moderate pace. Please wear long pants to protect your legs from prickly plants, sturdy walking shoes or light hiking boots, and be prepared with water, snacks, sunscreen, and a hat. Walking sticks are welcome if you want a little extra stability.

Lyn is an ecologist and botanist who has been working at Amerind for over a decade studying floral biology and genetics of Coral Bean, a hummingbird-pollinated shrub. She is never happier than when she’s out in the field, seeking out new plant finds. Before her retirement and relocation to Tucson, she was a Professor of Biology at The College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio. She has also done a great deal of research in the tropics, especially in Brazil and Panama.

The price is $20 per person. The tour will be limited to 20 guests, with 8 spaces available to Amerind members at no cost. Space is limited on a first-come-first-served basis for h paid and free slots. Amerind members must call Annie Larkin at 520-686-1336 to reserve their free space.

To purchase a ticket, visit:

To reserve one of the free member spaces, please call Annie Larkin at 520-686-1336.

Free Online Exhibit Talk: Hummingbirds and Desert Flowers – Becoming Attractions with Dr. John P. Schaefer

Hummingbird photo by DR. John P. Schaefer

Hummingbirds and Desert Flowers -Becoming Attractions


Amerind Free Online Exhibit Talk:

Hummingbirds and Desert Flowers – Becoming Attractions with Dr. John P. Schaefer

Saturday, August 21, 2021, 11:00 am – Arizona Time


John P. Schaefer, PhD became fascinated with birds as a Boy Scout in the late 1940s, when he chose to pursue a merit badge in Bird Study. His experience of identifying studying bird species stayed with him and bird watching became a passion. Photography also played a role in his personal and professional life but, perhaps surprisingly, he never tried to marry the two until recently. Photographing birds is a distinct challenge, requiring time, patience, and special equipment. Living adjacent to Saguaro National Park in an area with a landscape that has been respected by those around us has made his yard a safe and welcoming environment for wildlife, including visiting and breeding birds. Feeders have attracted Anna’s, Black-chinned, Broad-billed, and Costa’s Hummingbirds to us on a year-round basis. After a few years of getting acquainted, he decided to try his hand at photographing these hummingbirds in action.

Dr. John P. Schaefer enjoys a reputation as a skilled photographer, in addition to his teaching and research. He is founder of the University of Arizona Center for Creative Photography, the archive center of Ansel Adams’ photography, and the author of three best-selling books on photographic techniques. His photographs have appeared in publications including, “Arizona Highways.”

The online program is free, but space is limited. To register visit: