Free Online Lecture via Zoom: For the Love of Turquoise with Carrie Cannon

Turquoise has a long standing tradition amongst Native cultures of the Southwest, holding special significance and profound meanings to specific individual tribes. Even before the more contemporary tradition of combining silver with turquoise, cultures throughout the Southwest used turquoise in necklaces, earrings, mosaics, fetishes, medicine pouches, and made bracelets of basketry stems lacquered with piñon resin and inlaid turquoise. This talk explores a long tradition of distinctive cultural styles, history, and transition of this wondrous stone.

Carrie Cannon is a member of the Kiowa tribe of Oklahoma and is also of Oglala Lakota descent. She has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology, and an M.S. in Resource Management. She is currently employed as an Ethnobotanist for the Hualapai Department of Cultural Resources.

This program is made possible by Arizona Humanities.

*Please note a recording will not be available of this lecture, be sure to catch the program live on Zoom.